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Sunday, February 11, 2007

Why Be Wrong, When We Can All Be Right

Occasionally I peruse other spiritual blogs, and I must say that some of these people take their spirituality quite seriously. Some even go so far as to make dogmatic claims on who is right and who is wrong and then they insinuate that one might not be headed down the correct spiritual path because they disagree with the others beliefs. I personally am very upset at this type of behavior. When I meditate in my spiritual place I meet all kinds of different people. Just last week while meditating in my bird sanctuary, I was approached by two Muslims and a Episcopalian who were on there own spiritual meditation journey. At first they just stared at each other in disillusioned disgust trying to figure out how they were each on the same spiritual plain. I, however, saw the confusion and stepped in.

Look over there at that mountain, I said. We have all been on the same plain forever, but don't usually cross paths, because we are using different routes to get there. However, I have traveled all over this mountain and discovered all sorts of people trying to make it to the top of the mountain. Take heart that when it is all said and done and we reach our enlightenment, that we will discover we were all correct.

Shortly after coming out of my meditative state, I read post about the bible. It thrilled me to see that someone had finally come far enough in his spiritual journey to see that it is all a conversation about how to get to our mountain. This may sound unusually bold for this blog, but I say why quarrel over where you consider someone to be wrong, and just realize that we are all right. Just love each other, because truly love makes the world go round.